New False MAGNETIC Eyelashes by DealShopie, 1 Pair 4 Pieces
Absolutely. Perfect your False Mink eyelashes with any type of makeup — including eyeshadow and eyeliner. Play around with your makeup so you can get the best natural lashes look. (Do not apply Makeup Directly On Magnetic Lashes)
Amazing product! Takes a bit of time to getting use to! But once you got the hang of it, saves so much time in the morning when all you have to do is magnetically clip your false eyelashes on versus having to go through the hassle of using glue and everything! Definitely worth the try! Planning to get a few more pairs!
  • Magnetic False Eyelashes are Mess and Glue Free, and takes you seconds to apply, saving you time.
  • Magnetic False Lashes are Ultra-Lightweight. You won’t feel like you are wearing fake lashes at all.
  • Our glue free design won’t cause irritation to your eyes or cause damage to your natural eye lashes.
  • With proper care your magnetic lash it can be re used, saving you money from buying false lashes.
  • Designed by professional makeup artists to bring you a salon experience in the comfort of your home. Similar to One Two Cosmetics